A Little Bit of Sinning
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Ultimate Freak-fest Fantasy

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CHAPTER ONE                                                                             ULTIMATE DESIRE


  It would be lovely to have you to share some of my wildest sexual experiences withseeing as we will always be friends and we are very comfortable together.  I am going to show you how it could be if you are down to share your freaky fantasies with me…

  Samson read the letter from his lover, Bella, as he anxiously waited for his plane to land in Jamaica.  He knew she was a woman that was filled with surprises.  However, he couldn’t imagine what kind of shocker she had in store for him this time around.  Although Bella had always let Samson have his way with her, she was never as open as she was in her letter.  He grew even more excited as he continued reading.

  You can come to me to escape the pressures of your everyday life.  I will be there for you always, even if it’s just to keep you company.  With me you have the freedom to be yourself; to express your sexuality; to make your secret desires a reality; to enjoy your decadent dreams come true.  While I am in your company my body is yours…  Do as you wish. 


  Samson made his way through customs and baggage claim in record time.  He read her letter for the second time on the taxi ride to the hotel.  He was looking forward to fucking her until she was completely exhausted and then holding her curvaceous body in his arms once more.  He smiled at the thought of looking into her lusty eyes againeven though he could not help but wonder what she was up to.  

  Bella was a thirty-five year old artist who traveled the world at her leisure.  She was a voluptuous busty beauty with an unbelievably round ass and thick thighs.  Her skin tone was the perfect shade of chocolate.  Her face was stunning.  She only stood five feet and two inches tall, however every millimeter of her body screamed out sex.  Everything about her was seductive: the way she moved, the tone of her voice, the way she gazed out of her eyes, even her touchno matter how innocent.  Both men and women were helplessly drawn to her.  While the attention and sexual advances that she received on a daily basis was a part of her reality that she could not take to heart, Bella never grew indifferent or conceited.  She had a kindness to her that was very warm and welcoming.

  Samson was a twenty-seven year old U.S. Marine Sergeant who had just come home from the Middle East.  He was tall, strong, and manly, with a body that would do a woman right.  He was about a foot taller than Bella.  His complexion was smooth and pretty akin to brown silk.  Samson wore his masculinity like a second skinformidable.  He was the type of black man that any woman would be proud to call her king.  Although everything about him roared danger, he had the kindest eyes that Bella had ever had the pleasure of looking into.  He was her sweetness.

  Bella waited for Samson in the hotel saloon.  She left a note at the reservation desk for him to meet her there.  She sat at a table for two sipping a double rum strawberry daiquiri as she gently rocked herself from side to side to the beat of Reggae music.  Although the hotel was adequately air conditioned tiny beads of sweat began to roll down the arch of her back.  Bella thought that it would be an excellent idea to slip a wireless remote controlled vibrating egg into her pussy before going down to the bar to wait for her lover.  She took great pleasure in surprising him with something new or different every time they met.  The egg was set to pulsateit was pressed against her G-spot.  Bella tried her level best to slow down the orgasm that was building up inside of her expeditiouslyshe teetered on the edge.

   Once Samson checked in and handed his bags over to the bell hop, he proceeded to the hotel’s bar.  He spotted Bella right away.  He stood at the entry and watched her as she moved her body erotically in a slow grind—lost in her own decadent world—as if she were making love to the chair.  A cocky grin spread across his face for he knew that her level of ardor was because of him.  His eyes were locked on her as he made his way across the room to where she sat.  Bella opened her eyes just as Samson reached out to caress her lovely cocoa brown face.  The moment that he touched her, her gaze met his, and she began to cum.  He gathered her in his arms, closed his eyes and held her close.  Samson knew that Bella had begun to climax: he could feel her body tremble and quake.  She made delicate sounds, soft pants, and took quieted sharp intakes of breath followed by a silky purr of satisfaction.  He was well aware that he was the catalyst to her concupiscence and had been for quite some time.  She had a passion for him that she never tried to hide.

  “Hello Sweetness…” Bella greeted him; her voice was laden with sexual excitement.  

  Samson cupped her face as he gently kissed her lips. “Hello there Pretty Lady,” he crooned.

  “Sam, can you do a favor please?”

  “What do you need sweetie?”

  “I need you to take me to your room and fuck my brains out, if you don’t mind,” Bella’s voice was melodious, as if she was innocently asking for ice cream, “and you can put it anywhere…  Everywhere...” She placed two of his fingers into her mouth, closed her eyes, and suckled them for a few seconds before she said, “I am down for whatever.”

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