A Little Bit of Sinning
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About The Book

Tracee A. Hanna

A Little Bit of Sinning is a story about the changes that everyday people have gone through in a relationship. The main character, Tina is married to Mitchell. The twelve year marriage produced two daughters. Tina, was raised by her Southern grandfather, therefore she does not have the majority of the traditional idiosyncrasies of most women. She is a North side St. Louis girl, tough, direct, and strong.

The story starts off at the breaking point of one relationship then quickly moves to the Tina's unorthodox, and deceptively cold reaction to the break up. Tina meets two men that intrigued and enticed her, only five days after her husband asked her for a divorce. She loves men, so much so, that the break up of her marriage gave her the perfect excuse to date and experience the pleasures of new men. She had been faithfully married since she was seventeen years old therefore for the first time in her life she is a single adult. She jumps into dating full force, no holds barred. She is not looking for love, just a lover.

This is a tale of love, lust, betrayal and sacrifice, As well as infidelity, domestic violence, forgiveness, and starting over. The twists and turns will keep you thoroughly entertained.

The story line identifies with women of all walks of life and how we cope with trying to balance our personal, professional, and love life without making anyone feel neglected.

A Little Bit of Sinning is geared towards men and women that have had to deal with the trials everyday life, including; marriage, the heart ache of breaking up, raising children as a single parent, dating, along with the support and unsolicited opinions of family and friends.

I wrote this book because all of these subject matters have touched my personal life at one time or another.

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