A Little Bit of Sinning
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A Little Bit of Sinning

Book Preview


James relaxed in the chair across from Tina and sipped on a red beer. He leaned in, as if he was going to say something, however, he stopped himself. James put his beer down. He reached over touching Tina’s hand, picked it up, leaning in a little bit further, and kissed the palm before he placed it back on top of the other one. Keeping his eyes locked on her, he leaned back in the chair, pensive.

“What ever you want to know James, I will tell you. Just ask.”

“What ever I want to know?”


“Why did you run from me?”

“You scare me.”

“Scare you, come on now?”

“Truth is, and I don’t know how to say this any other way, you just do. It is like I can’t say ‘no’ to you and I don’t want to either, if you can believe that. That is too much power for someone to have over me. More than that, I don’t need the drama. Yet, here I am telling you that you have that power. I have not had this happen to me in twelve years. When it first happened, to my regret, I gave my heart freely.”

“What went wrong?”

“Last Sunday he gave it back to me. He said that he didn’t want me anymore. He wants a divorce. So, I came out to play. Never in a million years did I think that I would run into someone like you.”

“You came out to play?”

How is it out of everything I said, that is the only thing he heard? This cannot be happening. I refuse to believe that this is really happening, but I will play along anyway.

“Yes, I came out to play.” Tina said with a smile.

“So, are you two separated?”

“Well you are not my husband so, I am not going to lie to you. We live in the same house. It is a forty seven hundred square foot, two level, eight bedroom house, so there is plenty of room for us to be separated, yet still raise our children together until the divorce is final and the judge decides who gets what. He took the master bedroom suite upstairs and I moved to the guess suite downstairs, just across the hall from my girls. We each have our own separate cell phones. The house phone is for business, family, and friends.”

“Damn, how civil. You say that in such a ‘matter of a fact’ way. Aren’t you affected by this at all?”

“Of course I am, however, I am a realist. The way I figure it, I can dwell on something that I can not change and allow it to depress me or I can count it as a piece of good fortune.”

“A good fortune?”

“Yes, I have never been a single adult, ever in my life. I met him when I was sixteen and married him eight months later, with my parents’ blessing. So, you see, this is new territory for me and I intend to explore it fully. That is where knowing you could be a problem.”

“Little old me? I just want to get to know you and for some reason I cannot just walk away, not now. There is something between us that I feel compelled to explore. I can assure you that I will follow what ever protocol you set. I won’t push, I promise, just do not shut me out. I can tell by the way your ran off that you feel it too.”

Tina sat there in disbelief. She picked up her drink and downed it like it was water. Her nerves were already shot and to make matters even more complicated, her plan did not work. She stared out into space, her face expressionless. Tina had definitely left the building. James sipped on his beer as he patiently waited for her response.

He can’t be serious. I am dreaming. No, I am stuck in a twisted nightmare that started off as a good dream but now it is choking the life out of me at the end. Please someone wake me up! Pinch me or slap me, hell do both because if I don’t wake up I am a goner.

“Last call for alcohol.” The bar tender announced.

Tina snapped out of the reverie but not completely.

“I have to go,” Tina said as she looked into his eyes once again.

“Can I at least have your number? You don’t have to decide anything tonight. Please think about it, think about me and I will call you tomorrow.”

“602-555- 3224,” said Tina as she stood to walk away, “I don’t have a pen or paper.”

“Say it again and I will remember.”

Tina told him her cell number once more then walked away without saying goodbye. She walked in the back door reentering the club, worked her way through the crowd to the front door then out to the parking lot. She never looked back once, she couldn’t. She was still deep in thought, working on autopilot. She got into her car and drove off as fast as she could.

I am calling Demetrius! I need to feel not think. If anybody can break this spell he definitely can. What is that old saying, the best way over a man is under another one. Dee is big enough to kill two birds with one stone. Tramp! Big damn deal! How many twenty eight year old women can say, and be telling the truth, that they have been with only one man their whole adult life? I have been a good girl for twelve years, from sixteen all the way to today. What did that get me? My rose colored glasses were slapped right off of my face with a cold dose of reality. One person always loves the other one more. Nine times out of ten that person is the one that ends up getting hurt, making all of the sacrifices, forgiving all of the transgressions, being cheated on and getting left behind. Well no more! If I am going to get screwed over then I might as well get some satisfaction out of it, an orgasm...or two...or... Good the phone is ringing.


“Dee, hi this is Tina.”

“Hey, I was not sure if you were going to call.”

“It is not too late is it?”

“No, it’s never too late. I am in room 469, I would love for you to come see me.”

“I will be there in about ten minutes.”

“Cool, I will order some coffee. Are you hungry?”

“Yes, but not for food. I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

With that said she ended the call. Tina drove the rest of the way in complete silence. She refused to listen to the sweet love songs that generally plague the radio stations about that time every night. She was a woman on a mission.

I am less than ten minutes away from having an affair, after twelve faithful years of marriage. I can’t believe he asked me for a divorce on the ninth anniversary of our son’s death. He knew that I miscarried him the day after my nineteenth birthday. Stop that! This cannot be about anything but you and the pleasure that this man is going to give. Think about hot sex with a new lover, ah yes the excitement and frenzy. Please let it be good, let it be real good, let it be damn good. I mean pull my hair and slap me on the ass, good. I cannot be disappointed, not tonight. Ooh good, there is a close parking space.

Tina parked, took a deep breath, before she got out of the car. With a defiant flip of her hair she proceeded across the parking lot and into the hotel. The lobby was massive yet tastefully decorated in a southwestern style including Spanish tile floors and a picturesque panoramic fresco depicting the southwest life style. Tina continued to the glass elevators, which were trimmed in brass. As she approached the doors opened as if they were waiting for her, so, she stepped in and pressed the number four.

What a beautiful hotel. The view from the elevator is even better than when I walked in. I didn’t notice that waterfall or the three story picture window. I need to stop and smell the roses, take in the sights, and not let the beauty in life pass me by. I need to appreciate the lovely little idiosyncrasies that make things beautiful, memorable.

Tina stepped off of the elevator then proceeded to room 469. She knocked on the door lightly. Demetrius opened the door and stepped to the side. She went in with no hesitation.

“Hello Tina, I am glad that you could make it.”

“So am I.”

“Please make yourself comfortable. I have my orders right here, if you would like to see them, I fly out of Phoenix Sky Harbor tomorrow morning. The shuttle will be here at seven. I am not trying to trick you into a one-night stand. I will get you a cup of coffee, cream or sugar?”

Trust, you are not tricking me. I need this more than you know. Hot steamy sex with no emotional attachment is exactly what the doctor ordered. Ooh please be good, please let him be good, please!

“Yes, lots of both. May I freshen up? I am a bit sticky from dancing all night.”

“By all means. The bathroom is right through here.” Demetrius opened the bathroom door. “I put some fresh towels right there on the vanity.”

“Thank you.”

Tina went into the bathroom, turned on the shower, took her miniature toiletries out of her purse and placed them on the vanity. She brushed her teeth, flossed, and removed her makeup, while she waited for the shower to warm up, putting each item away after she used it. She stepped into the shower. She lathered up her washcloth with the hotel soap and washed herself from head to toe. Just as she was rinsing, there was a tap at the door.

“I have an extra t-shirt if you would like.”

She quickly reached for her apple shower gel, putting an ample amount on the washcloth she began to lather again. The delicate scent filled the tiny bathroom immediately. Tina made sure that her private areas were covered with bubbles.

“Come in, let me see it.”

Dee opened the door gingerly. He poked his hand in.

Tina stepped out of the shower, still covered in bubbles; she grabbed Dee’s hand pulling him into the bathroom with her. She stepped around him and shut the door. The bubbles were sliding down her body giving him glimpses of her womanly wilds.

“You are making the bathroom cold with that door open like that. It is winter Dee, do you want me to catch cold?”

Turning to give him full view of her posterior, Tina stepped back into the shower.

“I noticed that you still have on the clothes that you wore at the club. If you have not showered yet, would you like to join me?”

There was no response.

Maybe he went back out. Oh well, it was a thought.

Tina closed her eyes and let the water slide down her body rinsing away the bubbles. She let out a throaty sigh, more like a purr as she turned to rinse her back. When she opened her eyes, there Dee was standing in full splendor. He startled her, causing her to squeal.

“Dee, you scared me, I didn’t hear you come in.”

“You did invite me?”

“Yes, but you didn’t respond to my invitation.”

Tina looked at Demetrius from head to toe then back again.

Myth, oh hell no! It is the truth and nothing but the truth. That thing should come with a carrying case. My hips will definitely be permanently widened trying to take in all of that. It will be a titillating task but I know that I can do it. This mission is definitely not impossible. La, la, la la. La, la, la la. I really do need help.

“This is my response.”

“I see.”

Well damn! Let me put you to work.

Tina reached for the shower gel. She lathered her washcloth and asked Dee to wash her back. Although her body was perfectly clean, she was eager for the third washing. Dee washed every inch of her body, from her neck to her toes, after which, she returned the favor with vigor. During the rinse the washcloth was abandoned. She rinsed him first; a hand rinse is always best. He allowed her to tenderly caress every part of his body from face to feet. When it was her turn, they switched places. Face to face she watched him as he touched, caressed, stroked and probed.

“Oh my!” Tina sighed.

Tina could barely stand up, her body was on fire, panting and quivering. He spun her around and placed both of her hands on the showerhead where she held on tight because, her legs were doing a poor job of supporting her. He let his hands slide down her arms, forward over her ample breasts, descending onto her stomach, back around her to buttocks, where he slid his abundant manhood between her legs.

“I want you so badly right now.”

“Condom.” Tina sighed breathlessly.

Dee stepped back, turning Tina to face him. He lifted her in one smooth motion wrapping her legs around his waist. She draped her arms around his neck then laid her head on his shoulder. He turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. Exiting the bathroom, he carried her directly to the bed. He sat, still holding her, on the corner of the bed. He kissed her neck as he applied the condom. Once it was properly in place he lifted her and slowly slid into her body.

Oh daaaamn!!! Can I accommodate all of him? Oh my, I need to relax every muscle in my lower body. Do not scratch him just hold on tight and breath. Ah shit, I am coming!

Tina gave in to the delight of his lovemaking. She allowed herself to be over come with pleasure. Everything that was plaguing her seemed to just melt away.

“I hope that I didn’t get too loud,” Tina whispered in between kisses. “I have never come that fast ever in my life.” As she looked deeply into his beautiful gray eyes she said, “Demetrius do it again.”

“With pleasure.”

Will this be the start of something new or just a one night stand?  Will Tina give James a second thought after her night with Demetrius or go running back to her husband? 

  Copyright 2003

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