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A Little Bit of Sinning's Blog
Friday, December 31, 2004
A Little Bit of Sinning
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Topic: Book Promo
What would you do if the man that you have loved with all of your heart, since you were sixteen years old, asked you for a divorce out of the blue? How would you react, with traditional tears or scandalous affairs of your own? What about the children? How soon is too soon to date? How would you handle being a single adult for the first time in your life?

These are the questions that Tina Fields has to face in my novel, A Little Bit of Sinning. You will become completely engrossed while exploring the thoughts and feelings of a woman who tries to reinvent herself after her husband of twelve years asks her for a divorce. It is a story that can be appreciated by any woman that has been in a relationship and gave it her all only to be betrayed in the end. The saga is a realistic tale with an urban flare. A Little Bit of Sinning is a story about the changes that everyday people have gone through in a relationship. The main character, Tina, is married to Mitchell. The twelve-year marriage produced two children, daughters Tina was raised by her grandfather; therefore, she doesn't have the traditional idiosyncrasies of most women. She is a North-side St. Louis girl, tough, direct, and strong. She has the strength, determination, and gumption that most women only dream of having. You will find yourself cheering her on.
The story starts off at the breaking point of one relationship then quickly moves into Tina's unorthodox and deceptively cold reaction to the end of her marriage. Five days after being asked for a divorce, Tina meets two men at a nightclub that intrigue and entice her. She loves men, so much so, her marriage ending gives her the perfect excuse to date and experience the pleasures of new men. She has been married since she was seventeen years old therefore, for the first time in her life, she considers herself to be a single adult. Tina jumps into dating full force. She is not looking for love, just an excellent lover, and the perfect homey lover friend. She opens herself up to sexual experimentation. She quickly finds herself embracing her newfound erotic desires, fulfilling her lover's sensual requests, as well as partaking in decadent sex games. Tina finds herself torn between returning to her husband, her family life and the exciting relationship with her new lover. A Little Bit of Sinning is a story of lust, infidelity, love, and sacrifice, as well as, jealousy, domestic violence, forgiveness, and starting over. Tina's ride on life's roller coaster will keep you turning each page. Tina uses her wicked since of humor to smooth out the bumps and soften the pitfalls of life. She takes the bad with the good and gives as good as she gets, all with the sensuality, style and smoothness of a woman. Her love for and devotion to her children is strong, so much so, there is no sacrifice that she would not make for them. She eventually finds a way to return home to her husband, to give her children the family life that she feels they ought to have, without fully returning to her marriage.

A Little Bit of Sinning is definitely scandalous, and thoroughly entertaining. You will want to read it again and again.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Tracee A. Hanna

Posted by LovePrimal at 7:30 AM PST
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